Why Use Aluminum For Jewelry?


Aluminum is a great metal to work with as it is light-weight and does not tarnish. It is also nickel and lead free so an allergy to aluminum is very rare. Aluminum comes in very bright colors and always stays shiny as long as it is cared for well. Do not leave your aluminum jewelry out in prolonged sunlight or the colors will fade. Also, the anodizing on the aluminum can chip if the piece scratched by hard objects. Aluminum does not react to water so it is safe to wear while swimming or doing dishes, etc.

Do You Do Custom Work?


Absolutely! See something you like but isn't in a color you want? Let me know! Want something made especially? Let me know! I love working with people and making just what they want. Custom pieces take 2-3 weeks before delivery. Send me a message on the contact form on the custom orders page with what you would like done and I will figure out a price and get back to you. A deposit of half the cost is required up front and the other half after completion. I will send you a message with a picture when the work is finished and will put it in the mail when payment has been completed.



 I will ship your jewelry out within two business days of receiving your order and provide you with a tracking number.

​Secure Ordering & Payment Options


I currently accept credit and debit cards  and Paypal. At this time I am only able to accept Paypal for international  orders .

Returns & Refunds


I stand by my work! If you are not satisfied with your jewelry, I will issue a full refund up to two weeks from the date of delivery. The refund will be sent once the item  has been delivered back to me. I also offer free repair service if for some reason your jewelry meets an unfortunate accident.. Simply send your jewelry to me in a self addressed stamped envelope and I will make the necessary repairs then return it to you.